I play music as often as I can:

Bass and guitar

Bodhran (irish frame drum)



Guda drum (handpan drum)



Photography has been a passion for me since I was a wee lad.

I remember my first camera when I was 9 or 10 years old - a Kodak Ektralite that took film cartridges.  I used to sell gifts for cub scouts and other organizations and I would always choose a camera as my incentive prize.

Fast forward to high school, where I started shooting completely manual (Minolta and Pentax) and developing my own black and whites. This went on through college but I never considered it becoming an occupation.

I had plenty of point and shoots over the years, but I purchased my first prosumer DSLR in 2010 and slowly shifted away from print / graphic design to photography and videography.

I now work full-time in the photo / video world, shooting portraits, landscapes, interior design, music videos, concerts, tutorials, products and everything in between!

It's taken me all over the world, from Florida to California, Europe to Africa. I've never lost even an ounce of passion for the images I take and the art I produce. 


I love the challenges each day brings.  

I love finding the magic in every scene.

I love collaborating to reach higher grounds.

I love my life. 


Kodak ektralite
golden gate bridge

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